about me.

Manizales, Colombia. 1987.

I interpret the mystery, the humor and the threat of my dreams. I collect and compare bits of disparate material, creating my own order.

Climate change is confronting humanity with insights that will modify the re-design of products, processes and services in order to activate the transition towards a sustainable human civilization. In an unpredictable world, where local actions have global consequences, as an artist, I have the need to shift from control and manipulate nature as a resource, to a cooperation in the
process of learning how to participate appropriately and sustainably in nature, creating a collaboration to ensure that nature also wins, and wins first.

In that order, the idea is to create sustainable pieces that are sensitive to the social, cultural and ecological
conditions of the world.

Colombia is very well known for its nature landscapes and unique natural resources, but also known for its violence and long relation with drugs. As part of this country, we are asking for dramatic changes and new opportunities to the world. Is time to “turn over the new leaf”, understanding the past but creating a new future.

By this, I incorporate the Fique plant as the new symbol and base of my work. The Fique is considered as one of the Colombian national fibers and is used in the
fabrication of ethnic products.

Life by itself drives me to create, the connection I have with nature is highly important in my art.

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